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Computer Shiksha

"The highest use of capital is not to make more money but to make money do more for the betterment of life" - Henry Ford

The development of a Society largely depends upon the betterment of its upcoming generation, the Children. With a mission to increase computer literacy among underprivileged children, in this high-tech world of gadgets and gizmos, tied up with Computer Shiksha, a non-profit organization.

The NGO works on the mission of providing Computer Knowledge and Training with passion and commitment, to deliver Value in the form of Computer trained people, who use this skill for the betterment of their lives in every possible way.

It closely works with various communities with strength areas like skills in IT, Training and Management. They have adopted a N2N (NGO to NGO) approach to the entire endeavor. This entails supporting other NGOs whose skills are community developments but who lack ability to provide computer literacy. They have their little constituencies but they are not able to provide Computer Literacy Programs. Their approach is to identify such NGOs and offer them all necessary skills.

The objective of this tie-up is Lushtrip's active participation in the NGO's mission of helping more and more underprivileged children learn and understand the importance of computers and making best use of them for their growth and development. Understanding the need of Computer Education, Lushtrip aims at spreading computer literacy which is inevitable for every developing nation.

Computer Shiksha
Computer Shiksha
Computer Shiksha
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